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2024 Sponsors

Choice Aged Care is Australia's leading professional services provider to the aged care sector.  

650 facilities Australia wide utilise our solutions relating to:  

- RMMR/QUM clinical pharmacy services;  

- Staff training, learning and competencies (medication competency packages; aged care mandatory training topics; Nationally Recognised Training via our RTO);  

- Benchmarking and continuous quality improvement; 

- Onsite aged care pharmacist services. 

Credentialed Pharmacist Solutions is a Section 90 PBS approved community pharmacy. 

Our vision involves leading the sector in delivery of professional services that promote the safe and quality use of medicines. To achieve this, we work closely with care recipients, nurses, GPs and care providers and embed our support wherever Credentialed Pharmacists operate. This includes the residential, home and disability care sectors. 

Credentialed Pharmacist Solutions is the leading employer of Aged Care Onsite Pharmacists in Australia. We are experts in nurturing the development of new-career pharmacists and cultivating that team member into becoming a genuine medication safety expert. 

Credentialed Pharmacist Solutions pharmacist proprietor is credentialed pharmacist, Michael Bonner. Michael is also the sole owner of Choice Aged Care (Australia's largest RMMR/QUM/HMR service provider) and the Pharmacy Care Academy (the RTO provider of Australia's first accredited combined Aged Care Onsite Pharmacist and Medication Management Review training program). 

The National Care Academy is dedicated to providing the best training to care and support workers in Australia. We have Registered Training Organisations in individual states to deliver Nationally Recognised Training as well as non-accredited and CPD training. Our key features: 

✓ National training scope and multiple State based VET funding contracts. 

✓ A ‘1-stop-shop’ RTO partner for larger multisite providers. 

✓ RTO training/upskilling that aligns with a care provider’s staff skills mix & workforce strategy. 

✓ We support large providers to deploy a streamlined workforce strategy that attracts and retains quality staff. 

✓ The Skills Mix BUDDY workforce solution has been designed specifically with the strengthened Quality Standards and new Aged Care Act in mind. 

✓ CRICOS approved to access the post-pandemic migrant workforce. 

✓ Training that is contextualised to the organisation’s policies & procedures. 

✓ Training delivered by embedded Pharmacist Trainers who are familiar with the facility, care workers, and rostering considerations. 

Ideagen help the quiet voices and safe hands that protect organisations to minimise risk, strengthen compliance and keep people safe. Ideagen CompliSpace, is a SaaS enabled solution helping organisations in highly regulated industries meet their governance, risk, compliance, and policy management obligations. This allows our customers to focus on providing the highest quality of service and care for those they serve. Ideagen CompliSpace supports thousands of Aged Care workers every day.

Carer Manager Plus.png

Introducing Carer Manager Plus (CMP), the premier cloud-based Care Management System tailored specifically for Australian home care providers. The system showcases a truly intelligent carer/client matching system with the announcement of its AI backed technology implementation set to revolutionize rostering for the home care sector. Seamlessly integrating into your operations, CMP serves as a comprehensive repository for client data, streamlining onboarding, case management, award interpretation, Home Care Package management and budget control while also facilitating reporting compliance obligations. With seamless integration capabilities with third-party finance payroll systems, CMP provides a complete, end-to-end solution for client and care management. As an Australian-owned and operated platform, CMP is dedicated to delivering a personalized experience that reflects a profound understanding of the unique challenges within the Australian home care sector. Experience CMP and unlock a new era of efficiency and insight in home care management. 

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