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Advisory Board

Patrick Reid



Catherine Daley


integratedliving Australia

Catherine is passionate about the equity of services for regional, rural and remote communities, ensuring that integratedliving is an integral part of each community’s ‘fabric’, contributing to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the communities in which we live and work.

Laura Haylen

Director of Aged Care Policy

Catholic Health Care

Sandra Glaister

Chief of Quality and Governance

Southern Cross Care QLD

Sandra is Registered Nurse who has a wealth of experience in Clinical Governance, Board Governance, Aged Care and Strategic & Operational leadership. 

Dr Anat Hassner

Chief People and Strategy Officer


Sabrina Scandurra

Director of Quality & Clinical Governance


Sabrina Scandurra is Director of Quality & Clinical Governance at Montefiore Residential Care. 

Rameez Hassan

Group Manager - Strategy, Quality and Improvement


Rameez Hassan is the Group Manager of Strategy, Quality and Improvement at Regis Aged Care.

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